Pre K Curriculum


Four-year olds are naturally curious about the world around them.  The Dover First Christian School pre-kindergarten program builds on each child’s natural curiosity with an enriching academic program which will stimulate the young learners mind and creates a strong foundation which will extend into later learning.

Our pre-kindergarten program provides each learner with the opportunity to learn through structured play, social interaction, and engaging discovery type learning while developing a strong academic foundation.  Pre-kindergarten students participate in student-led and teacher-directed activities to increase the student’s awareness of their surrounding and the world in which they live to promote critical thinking skills essential for early learning..

Learning Activities

The curriculum in pre-kindergarten is about immersing the students in an environment rich in hands-on activities while introducing our students to early math, science, and literacy skills. Our students quickly learn basic reading and writing skills because of our emergent approach to learning. The learning in our classroom focuses on developing each child’s natural desire to learn and discover new concepts. The students participate in activities to develop both their fine and gross motor skills. As studies have proven, younger learners develop skills based on a natural progression from gross to fine motor development, so our classroom is driven by kinesthetic, tactile and auditory activities not on worksheets. Our goal is to develop of love of learning within each student because of their feelings of academic success.

While there is plenty of time for group interaction, there is also time for individualized instruction. Our teachers track each student’s progress and can be discussed with parents to better serve each child’s individual learning styles and developmental readiness.  

Behavioral Development

The pre-kindergarteners at Dover First Christian School learn to work cooperatively with each other and are taught conflict resolution skills using the seven proven powers and skills of Conscious Discipline. This program helps growing minds learn to “perceive, use, understand and manage their emotions.”

It is our goal to promote academic and social-emotional growth, in a safe, caring, and loving environment, while keeping the ideals of Christian education at the forefront.

Spiritual Development

Every day our students spend quality time learning to develop a love of Jesus through worship, songs, scriptures and learning of Bible stories. This precious time helps each young learner to develop basic leadership skills while learning truth, honesty, and respect for others during worship and Bible time.

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