Kindergarten Curriculum


Children also learn through play, so students are given adequate center and playtime during the school day.  In Kindergarten, students develop social skills and learn how to work and play together cooperatively during creative playtime and academics.


The students also spend time developing their fine motor control by cutting, writing, and coloring.  In art, students further develop their fine motor skills by learning to manipulate glue sticks, pencils, crayons and markers, and by using paint brushes and other art materials.  We use a variety of mediums to engage students and develop an appreciate for art. Study Tours allow students to have a first hand experience with art.


Phonics is stressed in order to provide a strong foundation in reading utilizing phonemic, phoneme, and phonological awareness.  Kindergarteners use Modern Curriculum, a program that carries over into 1st though 4th grade.  Utilizing this and a variety of creative instruction, our kindergarteners start reading very early in the school year and then process systematically though the reading process.


Our new math program, Go-Math, teaches the Common Core State Standards. These rigorous education standards establish a set of shared goals and expectations for what students should understand and be able to do in Kindergarten. The standards are research- and evidence-based and internationally benchmarked.  Go-Math provides hands-on learning through manipulatives and visuals displayed on the Smartboard.  Go-Math also includes clear instructions to help meet the needs of kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learners, when possible. Additionally, students are given opportunities for self-practice, guided work, and assessment.

Science and Social Studies

Science and Social Studies are fundamental parts of the learning process for young learners as they discover the world and its surrounding. Our students are taught science and social studies concepts with the use of a variety of thematic units that progress them through the entire curriculum to create opportunities for divergent thinking skills. The students engage in experiments, discovery learning, while incorporating literature and technology to master and develop a greater appreciation for the world God created. With Study Tours and guest speakers, the students are able to learn exactly how these science and social studies concepts relate to the entire learning process.

Spiritual Formation

Most importantly, we are helping students begin a relationship with God.  Every day begins with worship and singing; and related hands-on activities bringing the Bible stories to life. Our students are learning to be like Jesus and develop their own personal relationship with Him. This is an essential part of each of our students developing lifelong leadership and service oriented characters.

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