7th and 8th Grade Curriculum

Their Environment

Seventh and eighth grades are truly a time of transition. Like the incoming tide, adolescence rolls in, challenging the children with new social roles and expectations that match their rapidly changing appearance.  Our programs focus on developing Christian character traits like our Bible heroes and spiritual confidence which will help them as they develop and into the productive adolescences in high school.


Bible class gives students the opportunity to learn more about God through the individual study of His Word, group discussion, weekly visits from the pastor, Education Sabbath programs and Journey to Bethlehem.  The class emphasizes developing their own personal relationship with God.  Students of other faiths are encouraged to join in the dialogue and are never criticized for their beliefs.


History is more than reading the textbook and memorizing dates. Our students are able to gain great knowledge about history through study tours to the Dover capital and Philadelphia. Class includes cooperative learning groups, Virtual trips, and YouTube in Education learning opportunities of historic areas.


Science class includes the use of our new By Design curriculum which helps our students to understand the amazing creations God has created in our world. The students are able to utilize the scientific process, locate evidence and perform observations both in the classroom and virtual world using their Chromebooks and SmartBoards.  A smaller school setting allows students to have greater access to their teachers for questions and for thorough discussions. Learning activities are carefully chosen, varied, and paced with the curriculum. Study Tours are planned around current learning topics, and guest speakers are chosen for their ability to present and for their scientific expertise.


Math class is more than just solving basic math problems, it’s an opportunity for the students to realize the real world impact math has in our everyday lives. With the use of math-based games and competitions and Google Apps., the students are able to develop real practical math opportunities which will help develop into strong math skills by preparing them for higher level math operations in high school. Math is taught with patience, imagination, and a great deal of enthusiasm.  Dover First Christian School follows the Common Core Standards for our entire elementary school math program. This curriculum is consistent with current curriculums across the nation.  Among other benefits, this allows our students to easily transfer to and from other schools and ensure that “on grade level” is consistent from school to school.


Since our students utilize Chromebooks, and SmartBoards on a daily bases, they not only can research areas of the world wide web, they are able to develop materials in the “cloud”, design presentations, utilize Google Apps, and practice typing skills thus allowing them to be on the cutting edge of today’s technology.

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