5th and 6th Grade Curriculum


Students begin each day with worship. The spiritual focus of this time includes learning more about the life of Christ, an emphasis on developing a Christian character through pertinent stories with a moral. Students participate in weekly school wide worship programs with our pastor, leading out in worship, prayer, Education Sabbath programs and Journey to Bethlehem. In Bible class, the students are learning through Bible stories about developing a strong Christian character like Daniel and Esther. They have weekly Bible memories verses and have Bible journals to share their thoughts and ideas as they develop their own walk with God.

Outdoor School

Students eagerly look forward to attending Outdoor School at Mt. Aetna Camp in the fall. Outdoor School helps students focus their attention on learning about God through nature, survival skills, developing team spirit and teamwork skills, achieving success in the low ropes course, encouraging and assisting each other on the climbing tower and high ropes course, strengthening personal courage, and much more.


Students enjoy science, especially the variety of Hands-on experiments they do every week. The students participate in a school-sponsored science fair in the ????   Students also go on science-based study tours.


Since our students utilize the Chromebooks and Smart Boards in their everyday learning, we encourage the students to generate documents, presentations, and videos utilizing the Google Apps. The students learn typing skills, math practice skills, placement of materials into the “cloud”, and accessing materials in the “cloud’ for studying of material at home.


Over and above the regular art curriculum, fifth and sixth graders study the “Elements of Art” and the “Principles of Design.” They learn to recognize what makes up a work of art and then study authentic works of art at a local art museum. Students create and share projects that demonstrate their knowledge of the Elements and Principles and art. Through the art curriculum, students produce amazing works of art by following the theme and directions of the lessons. Their work is regularly displayed in the hallways of the school.


New math curriculum has been adopted which follows the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice and Content which has been adopted nationwide.  The curriculum consists of discovery and direct instruction that includes intervention strategies to support different areas of need. While students focus on fewer topics, they gain a deeper understanding of the topics by studying them in greater detail. The curriculum includes the use of technology and has on-line capabilities for students.

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